New Vertex Shutters with Ultra Clear(TM) Technology

Meridian is now proud to offer it's new Vertex shutter with patented Ultra Clear(TM) technology. Traditionally, the up and down movement of a shutter's louvers is controlled by a tilt rod. Tilt rods are usually connected to the louvers by staples either on the front, side or back of the shutter panel. As a contemporary alternative, our Vertex shutter removes the tilt rod completely and replaces it with a state-of-the-art aluminum rack and pinion gear system that is completely concealed within the stile of the shutter. This allows the louvers to be moved in unison to any position and remain firmly fixed in that position until the need arises for them to be moved again.

Our Vertex shutter is manufactured and serviced in our local Camarillo facility. Its sleek, innovative design is the perfect choice for anyone seeking the best possible view, light control and durability from their shutters.

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