Real wood vs vinyl shutters
There are advantages to both types of materials when considering your shutters. Our basswood shutters offer an endless variety of custom paint, stain, and textured finishes. They also are available with custom liberty bells built into the top rail of the shutter to add distinctive character. Our vinyl shutters ( sometimes referred to as faux wood or synthetic) are a solid, co-extruded pvc material finished with a baked on water borne paint. While limited in color to four shades of white, they offer more durability and resistance to natural elements. Both materials provide added aesthetic and thermal value to any home.

Why do some companies charge for an in home estimate while others are free?
There is no good reason for any company to charge for an estimate. If you are told that you need to pay a deposit of $50 for someone to come and measure your windows for a bid, move on to the next company. You may be told the deposit will go towards your order once it is placed. This is a tactic that companies use to make you feel that you have to buy from them because you've already “invested money with them” and that you “may as well” because you will have to pay the next company for the same service and the more bids you get the more money you will shell out for nothing. Don't believe it. And Don't Pay For Estimates!

Can't I just get a quote over the phone?
General quotes can be provide over the phone given the actual window dimensions. However, a true estimate can only be offered with a free in home consultation and all material and design considerations have been accounted for. The estimated phone price at times can be more or less than the actual price once our sales representative has presented the best options for your window coverings.

What is a remeasure, and why do we need to have our windows measured twice?
A remeasure is when you take the final (exact) measurements (versus the rough measurements that your sales rep. takes at the time of the original bid). Some companies actually have full timed employees that they pay to be “Remeasure Techs”. There job is devoted to going to your house after the job has been sold to take the final measurements. This is because that particular companies' sales reps. do not know, or are not willing to learn and understand how the window coverings they are selling are built or installed. Their sales reps. have been trained to “close the sale”, and nothing more. Any company that employs “remeasure techs” obviously has to pay them, which adds to their cost of production, and that cost is always passed on to the customer. On top of that, waiting for a “remeasure tech” can delay your order up to a week! All of our sales reps. are capable of taking their own final measurements, designing the window coverings they sell, and even installing them if need be. If you are getting a bid, and told that once you place your order a “remeasure tech” will come to take the final measurements, ask the rep. more questions and test his/her overall knowledge of the product.

Is there a minimum order with your company?
There is no minimum order. We are willing to work with our clients one room at a time at no extra cost. We want you to feel comfortable that our commitment to your service does not waiver based on the size of your order or your particular needs.

If I put Shutters on my windows, won't I lose most of my view?
No. You will still have approximately a 90% view with the louvers open, and a 100% view with the panels open. If you go with the larger 4 1/2 in. louvers, you will have even more of view than that, because the louvers are spaced that much farther apart. Take a look at for yourself. (link to page will “full view” photos)

Do your blinds come with strings or that “long plastic stick” that you have to turn?
You can order blinds through us either way. That long stick is called a “Wand” and you have the choice of ordering your blinds with a “wand tilt” or “cord tilt”, which is the feature that opens and closes the slats of the blinds. The “pull”, which is what you use to raise or lower the blind, is for the most part only available with a cord.

Can you match what I already have in my home?
Nine out of ten times, we can match it without a doubt. The other one out of ten times, we can come really really close. More often than not, we will be able to show you something that is very similar to what you already have that you may like even more. If there is a particular brand or manufacturer that you just have to have, let us know ahead of time so that we can take the time to do what we have to do to come fully prepared.

What is a Faux Blind?
A Faux Blind is a blind made from synthetic material instead of wood. It could be a hardened foam, a type of plastic, or a PVC material. Faux (pronounced “foe”) is the French word for fake, or more specifically forgery. These blinds are not wood, they are a “Faux” wood, which just sounds much nicer than “imitation wood.” Though the material is not real wood, it is much more durable and easier to clean than wood, making it ideal for those looking for a cost effective, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing way to cover their windows. Did we mention that it's significantly less expensive than wood?

By putting new window coverings, can I increase the value of my home?
If you had your home appraised prior to refurbishing it, and replaced everything, including upgrading old verticals to horizontal blinds, you can in a sense, increase the value of you home with the new window coverings. But the only window covering that is known to actually increase the value of your home is the plantation shutter. Once attached to your window, it becomes a “permanent” part of the home, just like granite counters and tile or hardwood floors. Shutters give the home instant curb appeal from the end of the driveway.

Can I finance my window coverings?
Yes! We can get you financed through GEMB on approved credit. There are several programs available including 6 and 12 month no interest options that require minimum monthly payments. A small fee is charged by the lender depending on the finance option you choose.

Is installation included in your price?
Installation is always included in the price we quote you. There are no hidden fees or added charges to our prices. Your price is your price out the door!

Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured?
Yes. Our company is absolutely licensed, bonded and insured as required by law. Click here and type in our license number:904526. Always check that the company you are dealing with is not only licensed, but also bonded and insured. This will protect you as a consumer to ensure that your contract is fulfilled. There will always be "contractors" who are willing to bypass the legal requirements of doing business properly. More often than not, this leads to consumers purchasing sub standard window products that are void of any warranties. Meridian will forever stand behind both the products we manufacture as well as the products we purchase from other manufacturers!

Can we match what you already have on other windows?
We can match your existing window coverings without a problem. We work with many different manufactures and demand the same level of service with each and every one.

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