Reduce energy costs with Plantation Shutters

Did you know that Plantation Shutters insulate the inside of your home more than any other window covering available? Blocking heat and light, they help keep the inside of your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. All window coverings have some insulation value, but Plantation Shutters are without a doubt the leader in protecting the inside of your home from the outside elements.

The thickness of material used for Plantation Shutters, whether 100% Basswood or a synthetic material like Polycore, is three to four times thicker than that of horizontal blinds. In addition to the thicker material, with Plantation Shutters there is more light blockage, more space between each louver (which allows for more view through the shutters to the outside), and more light control. They are much easier to clean than blinds or verticals, and they require little or no maintenance. In case that isn't enough to impress you, let us share something with you that most people do not know: Plantation Shutters are the only type of window covering that you can put on your windows that will actually increase the value of your home!

Reducing your energy costs is one of the most overlooked benefits of investing in Plantation Shutters. Over time, they will eventually pay for themselves. On top of that, prices for plantation shutters have dramatically fallen over the last ten years while quality (and choices) have increased. This is due to advances in many aspects of the manufacturing process that have helped to not only cut costs but to increase durability of the product and extend its lifetime. While most window coverings collect dust and need to be replaced every five to ten years, shutters are very easy to clean and can last thirty years or more. Plantation Shutters will make your room(s) look bigger while at the same time help give the inside (and outside) of your home the fresh new look you've been searching for.

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